"Rising free"
Compilation K7 live (Androidia flux - AF 009 / V.I.S.A.) novembre 1983

  • Face A : D & V (?) "Mirror, mirror" "S21PN" "Dignity" "Jekill & hide" "Step inside" "You may think you are me" "Sing sweet songs" "New beginning"
  • Faction (?) "Obligatory war song" "Drowning rats" "All that glitters" "Blinded by the dark" "Turn away"
  • Face B : Bérurier Noir "La mort au choix" "Chromosome Y" "Elsa je t'aime" "La nuit noire"
  • Subhumans (Angleterre) "Drugs of youth" "Big brother" "Wasted breath" "Rain" "Zyklon'B'movie" "Mickey mouse is dead"