Outlines (the)
Marly-le-roi // R'n'blues tirant wave.

: Paul Pechenaert (guitare, Dogs, Larry martin factory, Froggies), Jo de Krume (guitare et chant, Dogs), Zox (basse, Dogs, Larry martin factory, Luther allison), Vincent Daune (batterie, Larry Martin factory, Luther Allison band), Lina (clavier et piano).

"What did you say about rock'n'roll"
SP (Zap zap - ZZR 11.083) décembre 1983
        What did you say about rock'n'roll / Red jungle.

"In the sand"
SP (Zap zap - ZZR 290.784) octobre 1984
        In the sand // She's back.

"The big house"
SP (Zap zap - ZZR 060.187, promo avec insert) mars 1987
        The big house // New York groove.

"Crimson baby"
SP (Zap zap records - ZZR 040.687) 1987
        Crimson baby // Wise girl.

"First move"
LP (Zap zap records - ZZR OUT.11) 1988
        Before the bad times / Blind war / Silver flame / I wanna cry // Hold me tight / It's too hard / Bang bang / Limbo love / She's falling down.

"Blind alley"
LP (Loon / Zap zap) 1989
        Stay / Shades of angels / Victim / Soul crusher / Snake's confusion / Strange song / Say it (lie to that man) / Lady Jodella / So wrong / Silent bridge (over the years).

Compilation CD (Ultima flux - UF 015 / V.I.S.A.) 1992

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"Sparkling in the 90's"
Compilation double LP (Danceteria - DAN BLP 050, 1000 exemplaires avec un livret et un tee-shirt) 199?

  • Outlines "Stay" "Silent bridge (Obvious mix)"